Ram Setu: The Run

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Journey from one action packed situation to another, with star cast avatars inspired by the film Ram Setu, starring Aksh…
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Journey from one action packed situation to another, with star cast avatars inspired by the film Ram Setu, starring Akshay Kumar. Ram Setu: Run - The Running game™ is a single and multiplayer non-stop action game. It’s a race in a quest to collect tokens, gems and power-ups, all while surviving the onslaught of enemy attacks, robotic drones, and wreckage. Deal damage to enemies and escape the unpredictable as you ride, roll and jump, through this epic story deeply rooted in Indian culture and heritage. Do you have it in you? Let’s see you Run! 【What is Ram Setu: Run?】 Ram Setu: Run is an action adventure filled with non-stop fun challenges all along the way. 【Worlds to Explore】 Climb levels and traverse through new environments and maps as you play: Afghanistan, the Market, Jungle and Cave. 【Missions to Complete】 Follow the map and navigate your way through waterfalls and dangerous routes. Sail across rivers, traverse through forests to escape enemies. Find tokens and gems that will level you up. Fight enemies, dodge dangerous robotic drones, climb rock faces and dive through waterfalls. 【Every Runner needs to Rest】 Take a break from the running with mini games. Give your fingers the much needed rest from all the ducking and jumping and play the enjoyable mini games. 【Define your Identity】 Select from the star studded avatars. Claim them for yourself. Upgrade avatar outfits to suit the environment and to your liking. Every avatar and upgrade comes with its own bonus, power and abilities. Crank up the boosts and zoom through difficulty levels like a pro. 【Know Thy Enemies】 Watch not only your back or your front. There are perilous dangers every step of the way. Look up for falling rocks or merciless drones. 【Skills your Mama would be proud of】 Jump, Duck, Slide, Ride an ATV, Dodge and Charge ahead at warp speed to show off your skills, and mostly to stay alive and level up. 【Help is on its way】 There are numerous Power-Ups like Magnet – it collects all surrounding gold bars that are close by. Shield – gives timed protection from obstacles flinging your way or even if you bump into some. Gold Doubler – there’s nothing sweeter than doubling your gold token pickups, the quickest way to level up. ATV Rides – everyone likes a free ride, especially when you can be invincible on it. This ride will zip zap zoom you across the map quickly.
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Release:Oct 14, 2022
Updated:Nov 01, 2022
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