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Discussion in 'iPhone and iPad Games' started by zvnthynn, Mar 6, 2009.

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    Mar 1, 2009
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    did a search but did not find a thread for this game.
    i got it when it was still free but this one is truly addicting , it's worth 99c. ;)

    game description:

    Defeat the Most Evil Pirate Todd with Your Ninja Skills in a timeless puzzle game, RainbowNinja coming to an iPhone near you!

    From an up and coming company, GameJinks, RainbowNinja is a challenging yet deviously simple puzzler that will be played for years to come. From the world of Rainbow City, you must help the Rainbow Ninja defeat the most evil, corrupt, and heinous pirate of all… Todd.

    The game play is painfully simple – just press the correct colored circle that shows up in your screen. Everyone and their grandmothers will understand how to play - however, receiving a high score is another matter…

    Below is a preview of the deviously simple game play… When Rainbow Ninja tells you to “Press Text Color” you must press the colored circle that matches the text’s font color. If Rainbow Ninja tells you to “Press Word” simply press the colored circle of the actual word. Help Rainbow Ninja Today and download RainbowNinja to your iPhone now!


    link to game
  2. sam the lion

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    Jan 12, 2009
    I wouldn't suggest it, even for 99c there are far better games.
    I also got it for free but deleted it to make room to more interesting things.
    Sure, the graphics are nice, but the gameplay is not new and not very interesting. In brain training for the DS it's just a single test and it's ok in that context, if you take it individually it's boring.
    with some additional twists on the formula the game could be nice, but now it's not.
  3. GatorDeb

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    Feb 1, 2009
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    Got it while free, deleted it. That or Zentominos? HHHMMM...
  4. Donburns99

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    Girlfriend showed me this game when it was released, as of right now it still sits on my backlog, but it is an interesting game.

    They used to give us puzzles like this while I was in school. It would have about 20 words written (4 columns and 5 rows), and each word would be a color name and have an opposite color to it. We would either have to say the color of the text or the color written. Quite a challenging task to say the least, I think it's because reading text uses one side (part?) of the brain and interpreting text color uses another side (part?) of the brain. When both have to be used together or interchangably, it's easy to get confused.

    Makes for an overall fun game, my girlfriend enjoys it a lot and I'll be trying it more myself once I reach it on my backlog.

    As for it being a keeper? I personally wouldn't keep it around, but it is fun while it lasts I suppose.

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