Railroad Revolution - Now Called "Age of Trains"

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    It will be released under the name "Age of Trains".

    Age of Trains is the work of just one guy (Sven) and some paid 3D artists (whenever I can afford it) to help out with the huge amount of 3D models.

    Two weeks ago, the playable world map was finalized - the entire US mainland with all the 49 states are now present and included for players to unlock and explore!

    "I am still busy building missions, testing and tuning gameplay, and adding elements like smoke, particle systems, logic for drawing smooth railroads across the 3d terrain, etc. This weekend, the "big finale" was added - the trophy locomotive you unlock after completing main historic campaign in the game. Please enjoy the first glimpse of the "464 Silver Bullet" from the included snapshot - a set of highly optimized shaders use realtime lighting in combination with normal maps, specular maps, and reflection maps to bring these beautiful steam wonders to life!"


    Thanks to Sven for the Info, This Game is still on development and maybe take weeks or month for getting closed to the final release.
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