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Discussion in 'iPhone and iPad Games' started by SLDROFHLA, Nov 18, 2008.


    SLDROFHLA Well-Known Member

    Oct 23, 2008
    I really want to purchase a good racing game as I wait for NFS to come out. I don't want to get fastlane, because I have heard it is really hard, me, I would like to get all the tracks easily so I can just quick race etc. However, I hear fastlane is hard, and I would not like that. Is fastlane hard to get all the tracks/vehicles, or just hard in the sense of achievements? if someone could answer that thank you! any ways, Raging thunder or asphalt 4, which is better, I like the online play on RT, but is A4 better gameplay and track environment wise? thanks!
  2. Slayer_megadeth

    Slayer_megadeth Well-Known Member

    Nov 11, 2008
    If you are a graphics fan. Go for FastLane. Even if you lose you will get to explore a full city and it's gorgeous. But if you don't want to dedicate much time to a game, Go for Raging thunder...worth the Price. And as far as asphalt is concerned, every gameloft game i have purchased feels overpriced (except real footbal09) the game is good but not worth 8 bucks and the gameplay sucks. My take go for Raging Thunder or FastLane
  3. Danillson

    Danillson Well-Known Member

    Nov 11, 2008
    I really like Fastlane and it's graphics, but it is too hard. Asphalt4 is a "real" game but I don't really like the graphics and the gameplay to. I haven't got RT because it's only 2.6 MB.

    I would wait for NFS!
  4. Oliver

    Oliver Well-Known Member

    Take Raging Thunder. If you wanna have quick races. Asphalt has long tracks and missions, while in Raging Thunder you have smaller tracks. Also, the framerate of Raging Thunder seems to be better and it looks more colorful. But RT has less content than Asphalt (not meant in a negative way).

    If you want quick races, skip Fastlane. You have to have time to learn the tracks and the cars' behaviour, where in Raging Thunder you can just drive and get a good position. You also have ramps in Raging Thunder and the accelerometer control is made very good :).
  5. rootbeersoup

    rootbeersoup Well-Known Member

    Oct 4, 2008
    New Orleans, LA
    NFS could come out any minute though, and you might need to save a little extra money for it
  6. Oliver

    Oliver Well-Known Member

    I don't expect NFS to be a game for a "quick race". It will be like Asphalt: Missions, long tracks, maybe a storyline, maybe broken controls as well ;). If he's for a quick and easy race with nice graphics and performance, Raging Thunder is the way to go.

    But, regarding the price point, he could buy Asphalt, Raging Thunder and Fastlane and still pays only the price of half a Nintendo DS racer. These three racers feed different target segments, so he could try which fits best to him.
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    I am completely with Oliver on this one (as usual ;) ).
    Fastlane comes highly recommended for those who like a real challenge. It takes a good few races per route to learn all the tighter bends and how best to get round them. And you will need learn the tracks a lot in the later stages in order to reach the finish line. As you personally want to play lots of tracks straight away and get into it quickly, Fastlane won't be for you my friend.
    As for the other games, like Oliver says, Asphalt gives you a lot to do in order to unlock all the tracks- there is money to be won and cars to upgrade before you get to see all the tracks in it.
    Raging Thunder is easy enough to get straight into and not worry about being bogged down too much with learning tracks or upgrading etc. There is upgrading in it, don't get me wrong. But only on a minor scale compared to Asphalt. Plus you have an Arcade mode in it where you just race one track after another without worrying about that. That game is your best bet out of the three, if that's the type of thing you are after.

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