iPad Raging Thunder 1.0.1 does NOT fix audio bug as described! Just me?

Discussion in 'iPhone and iPad Games' started by wastedyuthe, Sep 27, 2008.

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    Looking at the description, the new update was supposed to fix an audio bug. I am assuming it meant the fact that the audio used to completely stop after a couple of races and you'd be just racing around with no audio what so ever.
    Unfortunately, from what I have played, the bug is still there. The audio still stops after a couple of races. Is anyone else finding that it is still having the problem after the update, or has it been fixed for anyone?
    I am running the latest firmware for my Touch, and have sent a message to the developer telling them it hasn't been fixed for me.
    [EDIT] I have looked into this more, and the sound stops after the first race in Championship mode.
  2. Oliver

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    Audio is also still broken in my installation...
  3. Anyone else? I have contacted the developer and he does NOT have the problem I am having. I have investigated more and found that the sound goes the moment the 'Continue/Retry' buttons appear after the first race in Championship mode. The menu is supposed to have music when you return to it, and it doesn't, then of course there is no audio at all on the second race.
    Audio works perfectly in Arcade mode.
    There MUST be other people with this problem, surely. If there are, I can let the developer know so they are aware of the scale of the problem.
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    Aug 8, 2008
    Did you try removing the app and then reinstalling?
  5. Hi. Yes. The developer told me he'd downloaded his own app from the store and not found the problem. So I removed it from my Touch and deleted it from iTunes, re-downloaded it, and installed it again onto my Touch.
    The problem is still there, where the sound stops after the first championship race.

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