Rage Night

Netcode Studios Inc
COMPETITIVE ONLINE MULTIPLAYER: Rage Night features a robust online multiplayer system, allowing players to compete agai…
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COMPETITIVE ONLINE MULTIPLAYER: Rage Night features a robust online multiplayer system, allowing players to compete against each other in real-time matches. Climb the ranks and become a top player on the global leaderboard. With matchmaking and dedicated servers, you'll always be able to find a fair and competitive match. DYNAMIC CAMPAIGN MODE: Experience a unique and dynamic campaign mode where players can battle through different scenarios and unlock new characters, weapons, and other items. CUSTOMIZE, TRIAN, INVITE and FIGHT! Rage Night allows players to customize their fighters with unique weapons, flags, entrances, victory selections, and skins that can only be earned and not bought. Additionally, this game provides the opportunity for players to invite their friends for private real-time matches, as well as live in-game global leaderboard ranking stats. To ensure a fair match, the game allows both players to start from left to right in their own screens. ■ Easy for First-timers Everyone is a Champion! Beginner-friendly intuitive controls allow players of all skill levels to compete. With a Single-Player Mode and one-button Special Moves, you control the fight. ■ Customizes your Fighters Customize your fighters with Skins, Weapons, Grand Entrances and Celebrations, over-the-top Taunts and shameless Victory celebrations. You run the show! ■ Fully-featured Multiplayer online modes Supported with a robust netcode which offers a stable and smooth online and Real-Time Multiplayer experience. Players can aim to top the Global leaderboards in ranked matches, or invite friends for casual games. ■ Multi-Platform Cross-Play Play your way on iPhone, iPad or on other available platforms. Invite a friend or challenge another player across devices to battle it out in real-time PVP ranked matches to become RAGE NIGHT Champion. ■ Exciting Updates every Month Monthly Updates keep the fight going strong! More Fighters. More Skins. More Content. More Fun!
Seller:Netcode Studios Inc
Genre:Action, Sports
Release:Dec 10, 2022
Updated:Feb 27, 2023
Size:1.7 GB
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