Radio Flare (Classic)

This is Radio Flare Classic. Be sure to also check out our brand new music shoot'em-up Radio Flare REDUX.

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This is Radio Flare Classic. Be sure to also check out our brand new music shoot'em-up Radio Flare REDUX.

"It’s one of the best iPhone games I’ve played so far."
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Finalist for the Best Audio Award at the 2009 Independent Games Festival Mobile.

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RADIO FLARE is the first and only musical shooter for the iPhone. It's a shoot 'em up where everything is tied to the interactive music track by Berlin-based musician DJ Glow.

You sweep the screen with your right thumb to target enemies, while steering with your left. Enemies explode into blinking red radio flares in rhythm with the sound track. Collect them to proceed. Wave after wave of enemies awaits you until you finally approach the boss enemy.

RADIO FLARE is a meditative trance experience and an action-packed shooter at the same time.

+ A 2d shooter with colourful, beautifully rendered graphics.
+ Licensed interactive electronica soundtrack and high-fidelity sound effects.
+ Precise multi-touch interactivity for exact navigation and aiming.
+ Flow mode for short casual playing sessions.
+ Arcade mode for ruthless high score hunting.
+ A tutorial for newcomers
+ NEW: Bomb Run mode for even more mayhem.
+ More than 200 enemy formations and 20 unlockable achievements.
+ 28 stages in 7 levels, including a crowning boss fight.
+ NEW: Friend lists, Leaderboards, chat rooms and player walls powered by Feint social networking software.


"The gameplay turns out to a natural fit for the touch screen - the controls and music are both spot-on."

“This game doesn’t get old fast, there’s lots of good playing available. From the colors, to the music, to the actual gameplay, there’s something there for everyone.” · 9 out of 10 points, silver medal

“… this stylish shooter highlights a unique mix of music and touchscreen action” pocketgamer · Bronze Award

“And apart from all that, the game is deadly addictive. Somehow the combination of quadruples and music makes it hard to put down your iPhone.“
Genre:Action, Music
Release:Mar 05, 2010
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