RaccoonRoll [puzzle][physix]

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    Raccoonroll - it's all about a furtive raccoon, who enjoys constantly getting high...on coffee.

    A raccoon is addicted to coffee, badly. The goal of every level is getting a racoon to another hot cup of his favourite drink (keep in mind you have to make your way around his limited due to infirmity stamina). Save a poor creature from a brainfag by getting him caffeine in a good-hearted indie puzzle-platformer.

    Current build works on iphone 3, 3gs, 4, 4s and IPod touch.

    Stages included:

    * a coffee-lover raccoon makes his way out of the jungles
    * moves through flowering grasslands
    * hanging out in a private house
    * looting the coffee plant
    * bonus (for tough guys exclusively)

    For more information or support please visit
    on FaceBook:
    Facebook link
    on Youtube:
    watch on YouTube

    Go and take it on AppStore:
    Link to AppStore




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