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    Hi, guys 'Quote Decode' is my latest game published on Google Play. :)
    Play Store Link -https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.digitalelixir.quotedecode

    Quote Decode - Quote Game is a cipher substitution game where every letter in the quote is replaced with another. Download this new game and play to boost your brain's logical power. It's so fun and addictive you'll love it.

    How to play-
    - Touch one letter on the keyboard to select it. Then touch another to replace it with the first letter.
    - Letters can also be highlighted if you're sure it's the correct one by long pressing on it

    Features of game -
    - A large quote database: Hence a unique quote everytime.
    - Timed game - Challenge yourself to solve every quote faster and go to the next level
    - Leaderboard - Score against your friends
    Share your scores with your friends

    Things we are working on for the next update-
    - Category Mode:Solve quotes by category
    - Earn points based on time and moves
    - Relaxing background music

    Also let us know what features you would like so that we can put it in the next update.


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