iPad Quiz Map - the geography-based multiplayer quiz game!

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    We, Bunduru Ltd, are excited to announce that Quiz Map was just launched to the App Store!

    Quiz map is the new, exciting way to play multiplayer quiz games! Get it here: http://www.goo.gl/ZjgNBA

    Quiz Map is different. The app challenges not only your trivia knowledge - you need to be able to find the answer on a map.

    Quiz Map is social. Play anyone in the world, make new friends and connect with your friends through the built in chat functionality.

    Quiz Map is challenging. There are thousands of questions in 10 categories (e.g., sports, music, geography). Climb the ranks and be the best amongst your friends, in your country or even the world!

    Homepage: http://www.quizmapapp.com
    Quiz Map on Twitter: @QuizMap

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