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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Lounge' started by Coldar, Feb 7, 2009.

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    Dec 26, 2008
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    I'm one of the thousands of people that have been lay-offed from work. My sanity during this time is being saved by TA and iTunes and my Touch. I find this outlet is actually well spent while reading through the forums, posting, doing reviews, buying games and playing them, etc. I think during these hard economical times TA is a good fit for a lot of people like myself in regards to money being tight or lay-offs and see it as an important relief valve. I actually find it quite entertaining/refreshing to come to my pc first thing in the morning (well....after my job hunt online) to see all the new games and post/threads and reviews on TA. While waiting for the economy to change for the better (I'm being hopeful) I think TA keeps my occupied while keeping me within a budget because the game purchases are within reason (in most cases) and I get a high return value because of the game play spent on each one. This also keeps my from going out and spending a lot more of money elsewhere. I believe even after I'm back gainfully employed that TA will still be a part of my life because its been so relative to me during these hard times and its become not just a search option for games but truly a world of information and insight and a commonality that brings people from all over the world together for the soul purpose of gaming. I see history being made while we as pioneers (from the devs to the consumer) having input in the way gaming is done on our devices, etc and see this reflective throughout TA, the gaming community including Apple and iTunes. Although I'm not one to always be posting stuff on TA and stay somewhat hidden under my rock I had to come out and say I find the threads/posts from all are like a bunch of friends that get together in this big room to talk of things that are of interest to all and this is comforting to me while I'm feeling alienated from lack of work and although a lot of other people are going through this it always feels as if your the only one. I appreciate TA (which are all the people that make it so, from the mod to the poster) for filling a void in my life at this time.........Coldar
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    Wow awesome post! ;)
    I agree, TA is my economic Stimulus, Every time I want to buy a game for PC or Wii, I think about how many iPhone games I could get for that same $30-40... I wouldn't be able to make informed decisions without TA... And appshopper of course! :p
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    Great post! I'm in the same boat that you are. I haven't worked in a year now. I look everyday for jobs, hoping to find something. I really hope the economy can make a comeback. We are all due for some good news.

    I agree with you on TA. I love it here. This is the first forum I've actually participated in. :) I usually just lurk.

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