QB Planets

Madowl Games LTD
Do you love solving puzzles...in space? QB Planets is a family-friendly cubic puzzle space adventure that will challenge…
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Do you love solving puzzles...in space? QB Planets is a family-friendly cubic puzzle space adventure that will challenge your puzzle-solving skills. Play as your astronaut and explore strange and beautiful puzzle planets with mysterious powers and dangerous environments. Locate and collect stars to power your ship and blast off to new and exciting planets. Avoid obstacles and find a safe route to your ship with the least possible moves whilst collecting 3 stars! Twist your way through diverse, challenging puzzles while helping your Astronaut navigate new worlds. Unlock fun and unique space suits and rocket ships by completing special missions. Challenge your friends to become each level's Twist Champion! Excite your friends and family by bringing the planets and puzzles into the real world with AR mode! Connect with facebook to track your friends progress throughout the QB universe and see how you stack up! Features A PUZZLE GAME FOR EVERYONE Nostalgic cube puzzle mechanics Family friendly themes Play at your own pace BEAUTIFUL VISUALS Handcrafted unique worlds Stunning themes from Sci-fi to fantasy Charming astronaut suits Delightful space ships EASY CONTROLS Use one finger to play Intuitive planet cube twist gestures Rotate the cube in any direction HEAPS OF CHALLENGES Test yourself and train your brain Become the Twist Champion amongst your friends Practice to become the global Twist Champion 100+ puzzle planets 5+ fascinating themes 290+ puzzle medals to collect 4 suits & 4 ships to unlock UNIQUE MECHANICS A new mechanic on unlocked planets Use mysterious ancient portals Avoid frozen lakes and bubbling volcanoes ALTERNATE REALITY Inspect and play the puzzle planets in the real world Toggle on and off during a puzzle solve Get a new perspective on that tough puzzle Use the same screen controls for seamless transitions
Seller:Madowl Games LTD
Genre:Adventure, Puzzle
Release:Dec 01, 2021
Updated:Aug 24, 2022
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