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Discussion in 'Site Feedback and News' started by Adams Immersive, Jan 28, 2015.

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    I was thinking of putting a button in my game for "Discussion" or something, that would point to my game's (future) thread here at TA.

    Any policy or preferences on that matter? Allowed? Encouraged? Discouraged?

    It might bring a few new members to TouchAcade. But of course I'm more interested in my own laziness :) It would save me having to think about setting up a whole forum system that wouldn't be worth it for a simple game. After all, I'd be checking the forums here anyway, in case of people needing help.

    (From a technical perspective, I'd probably point the button to a URL on my own server, which would instantly forward to the thread here. That way, if the TA thread were moved or changed--like when the game goes from Upcoming to Actually Exists Finally--I could instantly update the destination.)
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    That is a pretty ****ing cool idea. :)

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