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    App description:

    A perfect mix of RPG and music games
    The most rhythmical RPG game and the most adventurous music game
    Marvellous heroes rivalling evil lords
    Attacking and defensing at the rhythm beat
    Fabulous experience of hitting, striking, and beating

    Multifarious power-ups
    Unique and well-defined feature for each power-up
    Overwhelming force by using power-ups
    Real-time power-ups upgrading

    Appealing chiptune music
    Ultimate auditory feast
    Rich, clear, powerful chiptune music
    Unchained melodies coming from your fingertips
    Ears will be burning with the spectacular sounds and high quality music

    Nostalgic pixel art style
    Elaborately crafted visual effects
    Exciting and real gaming experience like breaking a siege in the dark dungeon
    Bringing back childhood memories of pixel games

    Multiple game modes
    SURVIVE Mode: Hit notes quickly to play a flawless music
    BATTLE Mode: Utilize power-ups to beat evil lords

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    If you need promotion code, please leave a reply, and we'll PM you the promotion code.

    Any feedback is welcome:

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