Universal PuzzleQuest 3 (by 505 games)

Discussion in 'Upcoming iOS Games' started by squarezero, Jan 21, 2021.

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    Not much info has been released yet, except that it will be free to play, it will be made by original developer Infinity Plus Two (which 505 bought in 2019) and releasing on PC and mobile at the end of the year. It’s not the first time that this franchise has gone FTP, at least in the Magic and Marvel crossovers. But still, it a kind of a bummer.

    BTW PuzzleQuest 1 and 2 have been gone from the AppStore for years, but PQ2 still works with the latest iOS.
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    Jul 20, 2012
    It takes a lot to get me out of lurking mode nowadays and this news is just such a thing.
    Very excited by what I have read, but no release date mentioned which tempers the initial enthusiasm somewhat.
    I hope the devs follow the addictive and free-roaming formula of PQ1 rather than the more rigid structure of PQ2.
    I Still play Puzzle Quest 1 and expansions on Steam every so often.
    Will be watching this space avidly.
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    As a side note, it would be nice if 505 brought the Switch version of PQ1 to iOS.

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