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Klementyna Nurzynska
Puzzle World is a perfect app to send your kid on an entertaining and enlightening trip around the world. Explore colorf…
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Puzzle World is a perfect app to send your kid on an entertaining and enlightening trip around the world. Explore colorful illustrations of countries by fitting puzzle parts. Children learn about national traditions, geography, anthems, country flags, monuments while having fun. This interactive kids atlas is designed for youngest users, with cute animals that will accompany them on the journey for knowledge and fun. The interface is kid-friendly with intuitive controls and everything designed especially for the little fingers. Puzzles are large which makes them easy to play for preschoolers. Learn through play by completing puzzles: Children can explore a world map where each country is a different puzzle with cute animations. Kids atlas allows children to discover amazing places and get to know different cultures. Learning doesn't always have to be a classroom experience! FEATURES - Learn the children about countries, geography, wonders of the world. - Listen to national anthem when the country map is completed - Exciting, educational atlas for children ages 2-6. - Acknowledge country flags, anthems, basics of geography - Children discover interactive world map with traveling Mr Fox - Animated atlas pieces easily moved by the infants - Infants are rewarded with a funny animation after arranging the map - Easy navigation: friendly, interactive, well-designed interface - Kids improve memory as well as shape and color recognition. Drag the puzzle and observe how the map changes. - No disturbing ads. DEAR PARENTS We are parents ourselves and we’ve tested our app on our own children. There are no third-party advertisement. No scores or time pressure - only awards, which make the atlas game completely safe and kid-friendly. This kids game also helps them to concentrate and stay focused. We ask for your feedback, so we can improve our apps and make them even better for the young ones. You can rate us on App Store or write to us at [email protected] We are waiting for your and your kids opinions.
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Release:Apr 10, 2018
Updated:Jul 09, 2018
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