Universal Puzzle-Action RPG [Phobos Children] Beta - Looking for testers (and superplayers!)

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    After three years of work, we finally released a beta of our first game, Phobos Children, and we need testers (feedback will be very welcome too!). Phobos Children is a puzzle-action RPG: it looks like a rhythm game, but it need some strategy apart from reflexes. It have a score attack mode, so if there any superplayer around, please try it (and share your record)!

    We are testing it through TestFlight, so we'll need an e-mail address to send the invitation. If you are interested, please register here: Beta Registration - Alternate link. Thank you very much!

    (More info at Phobos Children and Mirai-Labo. We are only four, but we will try to solve any bug you may find asap. Thanks again!)

  2. danialias

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    Thanks to all the people who registered! You should have the invitations on your e-mail by now. Please leave here any comment or feedback on your experience with the game. Thanks!

    Some extra comments:
    - The game system is a F2P similar to Puzzle&Dragons. So far there are near 120 characters, all drawn by ourselves on these three years.
    - English is not native (sorry!). We are a team from Spain and Japan, no native English speakers on the team. (If you don't mind the not-native English, we would like you to read the story as well. Some feedback will help us a lot too!)
    - So far the people is liking the game, with some of them playing more than 60 hours, but we need more people to get a more realistic impression. Since we are independent and not backed by any publisher, our only way to spread it is by word of mouth. We are counting on you!
    - We plan to test it until the end of January. After that we will have to restart the database, but all the registered users will get an special character on the final version.

    And some bug information:
    - The game crash when trying to rank up (evolve) any of the main characters: Reina, Shin or Achilles.
    - Also, since iOS 10, we are experiencing some delay on touch detection on 6S and 7 devices. It seems related to the new iOS and the 3D Touch, since deactivating the 3D Touch on Settings solves the problem. We are waiting for apple to solve this issue.

    Here are some animated gif, and there are videos on our YouTube Channel.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

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    Sep 23, 2015
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    More people need to check this shiz out!

    This game is already REALLY fun...and its innovative on a genre (s) I am basically in love with. I really like the match 3 rpg type genre...but its been done to death with little or no innovation...that changes with this game...and its NOT gimmicky innovation either...its quite valid and fun. The game play reminds me of any other match three, except...the orbs you match...DON'T STAY STILL =D They are falling top to bottom and if they hit the bottom this is how you take damage. When you hit three of same color your corresponding character or characters do dmg to the enemy. You can get dmg multipliers from getting more than one of the same color match 3 in a row. The currency systems and character summons are a good setup also...maybe some adjustments to the cost are needed, but they already have some...and I see great potential for more..events on certain days etc etc that help you make these currencies and get mats to upgrade and evolve your players. Aspects of the game also remind me of Mobius final fantasy (only a little and mainly with the event and currency systems) and also reminiscent of Terra Battle (by Mistwalker...and one of my all time favorite mobile games) except of course the core battle system.
    Loving the game so far, and can't wait to see what they add upon official launch. If they are still giving out beta invites...do yourself a favor...get it.

    P.S. I am shocked...btw...that I am the first post on this thread!
  4. Tychaeus

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    Sep 23, 2015

    Just want to compliment the Dev team as well. They are quite helpful, nice, and responsive!
  5. Shukes

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    Jul 22, 2016
    Definitely a new and interesting twist in the genre so to speak, it's quite different to the current 'match' games on the market. You can vary your team composition according to your playstyle or the opponents etc. Much better than some successful matching games so hopefully they get the exposure to suit.
  6. Faultyairlock

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    Mar 18, 2015
    Would love to give this one a try. My email: faultyairlock@hotmail.com
  7. uFinKnow

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    Feb 5, 2014

    I am in!
  8. djstout

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    Jul 21, 2011
    Sportscaster & football (soccer) coach
    Taiwan & Japan
    Looks really good!
  9. danialias

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    Thanks everybody for the interest! We've got a LOT of invitation requests, and we will start sending as soon as possible. We plan to upload an update today (Japan time), so from tomorrow you will start receiving the invitations. Sorry for making you wait!

    To the people who is already playing, I will send an email with further information about the update, this time is a bit tricky because we are migrating servers. Thanks!
  10. danialias

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    We had a big problem during the server migration and it seems like it's going to take longer than expected. We are very sorry for this! For the time being we prefer to stop for a bit longer and make sure something like this won't happen again. I will send you the invitation email once everything is up, running and thoroughly checked.

    For the people who is already playing, we will send you another email when everything is ready. Please be patient. Sorry again, and thank you very much.

    Please follow us on twitter @MiraiLabo for updated info.
  11. danialias

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    Finally, we are done! Sorry for the long wait. You should have an invitation on your e-mail. Thanks for your interest, and please let me know what do you think about the game!

    For other people who may see this: we are still searching for beta testers! If you want to try the game, please register here: Beta Registration.

    Thank you!
  12. Tychaeus

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    Sep 23, 2015
    You guys realllly need to try this one out!

    I posted earlier this or last month. I am still playing this little gem of a game and enjoying it. If you haven't given it a try yet you definitely should! I believe they are still taking beta testers and the correspondence and responsiveness of the dev team is really really good. I feel like this is one of those familiar genres, but it may sneak past ya at first glance, its a pretty innovative take on the whole puzzle quest match three...as in...the orbs don't stay still lol.

  13. Hi dev! Your game looks great. Just curious, is this an online only type game? I'm assuming it is since you compared it to Puzzles and Dragons.
  14. danialias

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    Hi Lawliet, thanks for your question! The game can be played offline, it does not requires continuous connection to play. However, for certain features (gacha, and -in the future- friends, events and sharing scores) it's required.

    This approach is kind of risky, but we tried to prioritize the convenience for our players. (In the case we detect cheating thanks to the offline play, we will have to rethink it again. Let's knock on wood.)

    Anyways, we recommend to play online. Your data will be automatically synchronized on the database, so you will be able to recover your account or move it o a different device without losing anything. But the game won't stop if you lose connection for a while.
  15. Your method I do like! I actually am willing to spend money on games that I can "keep" forever since I've been burned so often on online games that die off. I think generally all single player games should be offline except when using online features (as you mentioned). I also play games more often if they are offline since I know I can play them at any time and not be inconvenienced.

    I guess I'll sign up for the beta then :)
  16. danialias

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    Happy to hear that! Thank you Lawliet. I hope you like the game :)
  17. Tychaeus

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    Sep 23, 2015
    Yeah, I totally agree. Sometimes I forget how many online games ppl sometimes sink money into..only to have the game literally taken away from them later.

    This is a nice surprise for me, as I did not even realize the game WAS offline playable...just hadn't tried to play it yet when away from wifi, so that's awesome as I have few games on my phone I can actually play away from home (er without wifi...don't wanna potentially waste data either).
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    Hi again, sorry for the long time without updates.

    But... new build ready! This one is a big one, featuring prizes for getting "perfects" on all the missions of each chapter and... events! We are testing our first event, called "Tokyo Assassins". The story is still not ready, but we hope you can enjoy it. Let us know what you think!

    We also corrected lots of bugs thanks to our betatesters! Thank you very much! You are great :)

    (The event will take place from February 17 (this Friday) to March 5, Sunday).

    Some screenshots:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    May 22, 2013
    Sweet, I registered for beta :-]
  20. danialias

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    Thank you very much! You should have an invitation now :)

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