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Discussion in 'iPhone and iPad Games' started by VTX, Jan 16, 2012.

  1. VTX

    VTX Well-Known Member

    Awp, ads should be disabled for you, max 3 hours from now. Please let me know if this works.

    I also found a bug that can cause ads to show even if you had a previous version installed. This is now fixed, an update is submitted to Apple.

    For all people that have previously paid for the app (90%+ had it downloaded for free in the past) and get ads: Please PM me the code that is on the bottom of the info screen (Main Menu -> i button), and I'll disable the ads for you.
  2. henryfakesmile

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    Sep 12, 2013
    i am sorry to see this while most of the people just yell at you over the internet and they took it for granted
  3. dclose

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    Nov 20, 2011
    Push Panic sits on my oldest device, one that will soon be replaced, and I won't be able to move the app to my iPad instead. If I do, it will have ads. And if my earlier experience is any indications, it's a ridiculous amount of ads!

    When I opened the app on my iPod Touch, a full-screen ad for Hyper Breaker Turbo popped up on the screen. I dismissed it and started a level. Almost immediately, an ad for the Sims Freeplay popped up, interrupting game play. I dismissed it and that was followed by another full-screen pop-up ad for some game involving what appeared to be a large elephant. I dismissed that, played a short bit more, on the same level, and another full-screen ad for Hyper Breaker Turbo popped up again! Needless to say, this time I quit the game. When you can't even play a level--not a game but an individual level--between ads, then that's ridiculous! That's holding my game hostage until I submit to the IAP demand or quit. That gets a game banished from my devices.
  4. AppsVerdict

    AppsVerdict Well-Known Member

    Haven't gotten any puzzle games in a while. Looks nice so I guess it's time to change that :)
  5. VTX

    VTX Well-Known Member

    I'll reply more in depth later today. For now ad settings are adjusted so that the in game ad will only show once a day per user.
  6. VTX

    VTX Well-Known Member

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    Ok, some clarification:

    There are 2 kinds of full screen banners:

    1) The Hyper Breaker Turbo Ad. This ad should and will only show once! It will show when you visit the main menu screen for the 3th time. After that this banner is never shown again. It is just there to get some more people to know about our other game. Maybe this was a bit overkill because we also have the small banner at the bottom of the main menu, but then again: This is only shown once (not once a day, but once per install. So if you remove Push Panic and reinstall it, the Ad will again show only once).

    2) The in-game ads. After completing a level (or when you're game over) there is a random chance that a banner could popup. That banner was NEVER intended to show when there is actual gameplay going on. However: if you are on a very slow internet connection, then it can happen that the banner loads very very slowly and popups when you're already playing a new level. This off course is totally unwanted and frustrating. Im going to patch this and resubmit a priority update to Apple ASAP. For the meantime I've reduced the number of banners users will see to max of 1 per day, until this problem is fixed.

    3) Unfortunately it is possible that even users who had the previous Push Panic version installed, will still get ads after the upgrade to 1.5. This was obviously not intended, and i'm really banging my head against the wall because of this. It's caused by an error in my code. This will also be fixed in the next update. Meaning: If you had PP < 1.5 installed before you updated to PP 1.5, then ads will be disabled in PP 1.5.1. Hopefully this will now work for everyone.

    For the people that did pay for Push Panic: Please mail me your itunes receipt and the code that is displayed on the bottom of the info screen (Main Menu -> purple i) and I'll remotely disable the in-game ads.

    Again: I understand your reactions, and some of you will keep hating me for it, I'll have to live with that. Maybe I should have done things different, but this is the path I choose.

    Anyway: I still hope that most of you won't give up on Push Panic. Speaking for myself: I reset the game and started a complete new play trough, really enjoying it :)

    EDIT: I'm still getting multiple in game ads, I already contacted our ad provider about this. Could be that it takes a while before the changes I made will be live. Will update here when I have an answer.
  7. VTX

    VTX Well-Known Member

    Update (version 1.5.1) has been submitted to Apple. Im Hoping for a quick review proces. Fingers crossed!
  8. AppsVerdict

    AppsVerdict Well-Known Member

    got the game after finding it on this thread and I'm really liking it :)

    I like how you just have to tap the individual squares as opposed to getting 3 of the same color from one place. Changes things up a bit.
  9. rzdesign

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    Apr 5, 2010
    Illustrator & (Game) Designer
    The Netherlands
    Latest update is live now! Some small bug fixes and tweaks. If anyone find any issues with it, let us know! Enjoy!

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