Purify The Veil

Justin Keyes
What Type of Game is this? - Tactical RPG - Strategy RPG (SRPG) - Turn Based Combat - Dungeon Crawler - Loot Based - Gri…
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What Type of Game is this? - Tactical RPG - Strategy RPG (SRPG) - Turn Based Combat - Dungeon Crawler - Loot Based - Grid Based Movement - Randomly Generated Levels - No Internet Connection Required (Some Features like Arena Battles require you to be online) Features - Play for Free, Keep up with Everyone: Contains In Game Store but you Can't Buy Power or Progress! (Only Cosmetics or Convenience) - Cloud Save: Play on all your Devices - Recruit New Characters: Each time you Recruit, get a new Character from a Random Class with a Random Skill (120 Skills Available) - Optimize your Stats: Each Character has basic stats like Strength, Intelligence, Dodge and Critical also more advanced stats like Resistances and is Strong Against certain Weapons - Customize your Look: Use the Barber in Town to change the Look of your Characters to any Hero or Monster you have seen before - Customize your Gear: Add Gems to Sockets, Combine Items Together to Increase their Efficiency, Use Scrolls to Enhance your Item to +15. Craft Legendary or Mythic Items - Build the Ultimate Character: Sacrifice Characters to Pass their Skills or Stats to Others. (Every Character can Learn any Skill and Equip any Item) - Develop Your Town: 14 Unique Buildings, Gain Resources, Strategize which Buildings to Upgrade First Activities: - Complete Quests for Experience or Complete Bounties for Gold (New Quests Each Week) - Complete the Campaign: Over 100 Levels, Also Many Side Areas and Hidden Areas. Work your Way through 7 Difficulties - Compete in the Arena: See how your Party stacks up against other Players! - Help other Worlds: At Max Level you can Fight in Rifts with Random Monsters and Increased Loot. They have Increasing Difficulty, how High can you Climb? - Get on the Leaderboards: After the Campaign there is the Ultimate optional Boss defeating him gets you on the Leaderboards (which Reset Periodically, see the Top Active Players!) YouTube Videos on Purify the Veil: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZhIlVedVhWnKt3YM_NYrng
Seller:Justin Keyes
Genre:Role Playing, Strategy
Release:Apr 11, 2020
Updated:Apr 10, 2020
Size:435.6 MB
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