Alvaro Mahillo Sanchez-Mateos
Simple arcade games are the best to play on mobile, but they get boring quickly. Pureya fixes that by allowing you to pl…
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Simple arcade games are the best to play on mobile, but they get boring quickly. Pureya fixes that by allowing you to play a different arcade game every 10 seconds! Enjoy a collection of high quality arcade mini games on the go with no WiFi required. ◆ ALL IN ONE UNIQUE COLLECTION OF GAMES Pureya is a collection of arcade minigames that switch randomly every 10 seconds, allowing for an endless stream of fun while keeping it quick and simple. Perfect to play on the go! 2D platforming, retro galaxy shooting, endless running, sports, vehicles, animals, pachinko... pureya's all in one minigame collection offers an exciting ride whenever you play it. A never ending challenge to your arcade skills thanks to its dynamic difficulty! ◆ COLLECT MARBLES TO UNLOCK NEW MINIGAMES Collect as many marbles as you can and use them in the pachinko machine to unlock new mini games, music and skins, or challenge each of its 30+ minigames individually to aim for a high score. The only way to get marbles is by playing the minigames! No ad rewards or in-app purchases! ◆ DESIGNED FOR FUN, NOT MONETIZATION You get what you pay for: A complete game with no ads, no in-app purchases, no data collection, no online required. A premium experience designed to maximize your enjoyment. ◆ INDIVIDUALLY CRAFTED MINIGAMES Enjoy a varied collection of 30+ original, high quality minigames. Play them all 10 seconds at a time or challenge them individually to aim for a highscore. ◆ QUICK AND EASY Play with just 2 buttons, no tutorials required. The difficulty adjusts dynamically, allowing people of all skill levels to enjoy it! ◆ BEAUTIFUL Simple yet stylish colorful pixel art with a variety of themes and unlockable skins. Original dynamic soundtrack made of 10-second tracks that link together seamlessly. ◆ Key features: ◉ 30+ different arcade minigames ◉ Switch to a different minigame every 10 seconds ◉ Play with just 2 buttons ◉ Dynamic difficulty for all skill levels ◉ Dynamic original music ◉ No ads or in-app purchases ◉ No internet connection required – play these arcade games offline ◉ Play in portrait (vertical) or landscape (horizontal) mode Experience hours of fun and variety all in a single app with this collection of carefully designed minigames.
Seller:Alvaro Mahillo Sanchez-Mateos
Genre:Action, Arcade
Release:Mar 26, 2021
Updated:May 22, 2021
Size:144.4 MB
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Compatibility:HD Universal