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    The Worlds Most Difficult Puzzles

    PsychoPuzzle is an iPad specific game currently in development and scheduled for release in time for Christmas. The name implies what the warning label spells out only half jokingly, that this game will drive you nuts and frustrate the heck out of any and all challengers. Adult test subjects have consistently recorded solve times of three hours or more for puzzles with just sixteen pieces, making the average time to place each piece more than eleven minutes. When released the game will have 9 levels with increasing piece counts from 6 to 36. Levels 1 to 7 have multiple puzzles to solve and the game has been designed so as to negate any type of cheating... you won't find the solution on the Internet. More specific details about the game are being kept under wraps until closer to the launch date. In the meantime we are looking for brave souls to preview/test the game. To sign up please visit psychopuzzle.com.


    PsychoPuzzle, LLC
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