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Discussion in 'General Game Discussion and Questions' started by Stirolak26, Oct 10, 2010.

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    Which games do you think are better overall.

    Across age HD edition vs ys 9 or gurumin

    Rimelands/battle of wesnoth/war of eustrath vs dungeons and dragons psp or Joan arc

    Chaos seed vs crisis core

    Inotia 2 vs legend of heroes series.

    Yipe 5/picopico quest vs nipi icon RPGs like cladun
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    Jun 11, 2010
    Well I don't know the PSP gaming but you'd better not attempt such topic with the DS instead of the PSP. The iPhone blood resulting of the fight would be a terrible vision. :D

    That said if you go for action fun, the poor DS would be put in pieces (a DS has no blood unlike idevices).
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    It's quite simple: the PSP thoroughly dominates the iPhone when it comes to Asian RPGs. Once Aralon and Shadow Sun come out, the iPhone will be the portable platform to beat for Western RPGs.

    As to the pairs you mention:
    Across Age is better than Gurumin (which is cute but gets repetitive fast). Haven't played Ys 9.

    Joan D' Arc is a great game, but I wouldn't compare it to Rimelands (which is also great in it's own way). The War of Eustrath is closer in style; I would say Joan D' Arc is better, but that's frankly no slight on WoE (I actually prefer the combat in WoE). Haven't played D&D.

    I'm the wrong person to ask about CR vs CC as I absolutely loath Crisis Core (it combines the worst aspects of turn-based and action RPGs into a perfect storm of crap). CC fans will think you are blaspheming for even making the comparison.

    Don't know the Legend of Heroes series, but I can almost guarantee that it's better than Inotia.

    Folks swear by Yipee, but it's charms are lost on me, and I haven't played enough of the other games to have an opinion.

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