[PSA] Remember to backup your games!

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    i don’t know if many people here do this so I’m posting this in case many don’t know.
    Remember to backup any and all apps you buy to your PC. There will be a day when an app is gone completely from the App Store and you can’t get it back. If you have the app backed up to a PC or external hard drive, you have the option to use it again. (I didn’t do this with MMD Player and the app was deleted from the App Store a week or two after I bought it and reviewed it)

    Use iTunes 12.3 to do this. It is the last iTunes version to support downloading apps (which is really sad. Apple made a Nintendo-like decision when they removed the App Store from iTunes). The app will download to the application folder of your PC. I highly recommend backing up that folder to an external hard drive.

    I hope this help someone! Backing up your iOS games is the only way to truly preserve them for future use.

    Please follow this article for instructions on how to easily do it: https://www.lifewire.com/download-apps-to-ipad-using-itunes-4103798
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