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    Fun Punch Games, a Portuguese-based independent development team, presented Strikers Edge at E3 2016 on PlayStation Talents special event. Originally a Game Jam project, the 8bit pixel art-styled Strikers Edge has received praise as well as winning the Portuguese PlayStation Award.

    Gameplay focuses around ranged combat, with each player using one of eight unique “strikers” that have their own unique play style and benefits. Players can choose between one-on-one combat, or partner up with a friend in two-on-two combat; multiplayer is supported both locally and online. Combat in Strikers Edge takes place on one of four different arenas, each with their own hazards for players to take advantage of.

    This week the game will be showcasing at GameLab Barcelona event, with a big focus on the new 2vs2 multiplayer mode.



    Or check the Teaser video on Youtube: https://youtu.be/dsyEyfv0fWE

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