Panama Canal: Tile Master

Greg Duda
Panama Canal: Tile Master packs a punch of ship games fun! Not only is it a brain test for the bravest, but it’s also a …
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Panama Canal: Tile Master packs a punch of ship games fun! Not only is it a brain test for the bravest, but it’s also a puzzle challenge-solving game in which you have to swipe tiles to manage incoming ships and get them across the Panama Canal. If you are on a hunt for entertaining IQ games that test the speed of your brain and your logic skills, this ship game is the one you are looking for. Endless fun of brain exercise awaits you as you swipe tiles and adjust water levels to guide ships safely across. You either stay afloat as you manage this water traffic puzzle or you sink and give the logic puzzle another go. The game of Panama Canal: Tile Master starts off easy with only a couple of ships to manage. It does become more of a brain challenge, though, as ships appear on both sides, up and down, left and right. Test your brain, your eyes and your fingers. Can you face the mental challenge of this puzzle solving game? == Features of Panama Canal: Tile Master app == - Get ships safely across the canal - Balance water levels inside the tiles in order for ships to be able to move from one tile to the adjacent one - Swap the grid tiles within the same column - If water levels are not the same, ships sink and you have to start over - A warning light on the ship's bow alerts to any danger - With a double-touch, the player can send all ships quickly through the canal - Suitable for all ages, adults and kids, who enjoy brain puzzles and problem solving games Panama Canal: Tile Master ship game offers a bounty of tricky puzzles for true fans of IQ games and puzzle brain games. As you navigate through crazy water traffic, you have to make decisions that affect your ships’ fate. There is a challenge around every corner, or around every tile, to be more precise. Train your brain, improve your logic and brain speed, get down to solving traffic problems at sea. Sink or swim is the motto when you play Panama Canal: Tile Master ship game. The real brain test starts as soon as you download this water traffic puzzle game. Friendly warning: don’t get swamped by a wave of incoming ships. Take a breath and embark on a logic puzzle. Welcome aboard Panama Canal: Tile Master ship game!
Seller:Greg Duda
Genre:Arcade, Puzzle
Release:Dec 08, 2021
Updated:Oct 07, 2022
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