Proxies, our new mobile pet sim, hit Google Play!

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    ***Limited time sale! Grab Proxies now for 50% off to celebrate the launch of the game!***

    Proxies is a new approach to pet sim games. How well you take care of your Proxie will determine how the pet ages and evolves. Keeping your pet safe from different weather conditions, preparing it hearty meals and playing with it will ensure that your Proxie stays healthy and happy. But be careful, the consequences of neglect can cause your Proxie to become ill in several ways and can result in death if not handled right away. You also must discover new secrets on your own as your pet grows each day. Customize its appearance with a large variety of accessories and alter its environment with several colorful and lively backgrounds. Oh, and did I mention there are no in app purchases or ads? Developed by two people, Ali Sakhapour and Fredson Laguna, we aim to provide a challenge to players while developing a deep sense of discovery (There are many secrets and hidden features!) and accomplishment.


    -Have up to 3 Proxies alive at once!
    -Watch your Proxies evolve based on the way that they are raised.
    -Three species of Proxies to discover and hatch, each with their own evolution line!
    -Feed and prepare meals for your Proxies to keep them happy and healthy.
    -Select from several different backgrounds to customize the look of your app.
    -Equip and customize your proxies from a large selection of accessories!
    -By customizing the look and feel of both your Proxies and your game, you make the game your own!
    -Play original, fun and challenging mini-games. No more rock paper scissors!
    -Discover the many secrets hidden within the game.
    -NO ads or in-app purchases! Pay once and get the entire game.
    -More to come soon! Please rate Proxies and leave some feedback so that we can deliver the best virtual pet experience available!

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