iPhone Prove your Bavarian business skills!

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    With the management simulation game “Oktoberfest-Manager”, available for iPad, PC and Mac, you have to work your way up to host the biggest tent on the largest people’s fair in the world.

    Find the best spot for your Oktoberfest tent, choose a popular brand of beer, and carefully estimate your orders for your inventory. Maybe a special event will draw even bigger crowds into your tent…?

    The quality of the wares you purchase and the qualification of the staff you hire will directly influence your customers’ satisfaction: Always keep an eye on the mood barometers that show you the most important information from your tent. And if you finally get the central keg-tapping ceremony, you’ll be the tycoon of the Oktoberfest!

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    Aug 6, 2012
    Has anyone played this yet? I've been waiting for a proper Tycoon game on iPad and this looks very promising, but I can't find a single review anywhere. Is it worth the $5?

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