Proun+ coming to IOS this fall

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    Oct 24, 2014
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    It’s almost here! Before the end of 2014 we will release Proun+ on iOS!

    Proun+ is a beautiful synergy between art and racing inspired by the paintings of Mondriaan and Kandinsky. The tagline for Proun+ “A Journey Through Modern Art” is simply spot on.

    In Proun+ you race your ball over a tube like track and evade countless obstacles. With its five different speed settings – from Relaxed to Speed of Light – this game offers a great experience for both the casual as well as the hardcore gamer. Each level is accompanied by great jazzy rock tunes which were specifically written for Proun+. The predecessor to Proun+ (Proun) was received with critical acclaim and has won several awards:

    • “Best Digital Media” Dutch Game Awards
    • “Best original Game Design” Dutch Game Awards
    • “Honorable Mention” Visual Art IGF

    You can view the first Proun+ teaser trailer here:

    Make no mistake! Proun+ might look like an ad for interactive modern art, but at the highest speed setting this game will be the challenge of a lifetime.

    Proun+ features:
    • Five different speed settings
    • Eleven unique levels
    • Four different game modes
    • Incredible Jazz / Rock soundtrack
    • Simple controls; use either touch or tilt
    • High replayability
    • A Journey Through Modern Art

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