Pros of having IAP to unlock full version vs. a lite version and paid full version

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    This has come up in some of my conversations (the disdain is that a game won't be eligible for Family Plan and would need to have buyers pay x2 to x4 the price for the same game due to that. It got me to wondering why devs prefer a single app. These are the reasons I've discovered, but would like to hear others:
    1. Need to maintain 2 code bases
    2. Need to push 2 apps through the review process
    3. The app won't properly climb the charts, which is essential for discovery and sales
    4. You'd need to implement a way to transfer game save data from the free app to the full app
    5. Apple's guidelines say they'll reject apps that say "demo" since their philosophy is the "lite version" still needs to retain full functionality of the full one
      This seems... objective, as adding a button in the full version that produces sports stats into the form of a convenient chart seems to go against that, but it seems to be allowed
    6. Reduces piracy
    7. You need IAP/DLC eventually for expansions and added content anyways.

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