PROPOSAL - Have interest to add your game development story into our game?

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    Jun 28, 2015
    Hi guys,

    Our new text adventure game is a game of how to make games. Here:

    Actually it is just from scratch, it only have one story right now: How we create the game of "PxBeats". Thread of "PxBeats" is here:

    To make a game is difficult, to make a good game is more difficult, to make a wonderful game is like climbing to the top of mountain. Every dev team has its own interesting story, happiness and tears.

    We're in the great communities of indie game devs, thanks to everybody who helped us and supported us.

    If you like our game and if you have interest to add your special game making stories into our text adventure game? No hesitate to contact us !

    Your real life is also like a game, right? Make your 'real life game' interesting.

    We only want to tell stories, have fun, make you laugh, just it.

    Have a brilliant idea? Just do it and make it happen.


    Description of "I Love Making Games" - A Game of How to Make Games

    “I Love Making Games” is a text adventure game of how to make games.

    This game shows the unique art style by sketching on stickers. It’s partly because we have no funding to purchase graphics tablet, and partly because we are programmers and sketching on stickers is easier for us to translate what’s in our mind to what’s on the sticker.

    It becomes our daily life to play games and write dev logs of our games in various social media, such as dev forums, blogs or reddit. Many readers learn a lot of knowledge of making games from the articles. We have been trying our best to answer questions raised by our readers.

    Recently IndiePlay organized an independent game development contest. How about making a text adventure game to tell everybody how to make a game? A brilliant idea hit on us!

    This game has only one story line right now, which elaborates how we made the game “PxBeats”, but we already have a lot of interesting ideas and story lines to add in future versions of this game. We’ll keep updating the game to cover the following features:

    * Multiple roles in the development team
    * Multiple roles in the operation team
    * Multiple project management tools
    * Multiple team collaboration tools
    * Sophisticated game design theories
    * Wide variety of game engines
    * Multiple game programming languages
    * Multiple art design tools
    * Multiple music composing tools
    * Various game development communities
    * All sorts of game publishing platforms

    Wish you have fun with this game and find it enlighting.

    Follow us: Twitter: @banacola

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