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    We are a programmatic advertising company based in Toronto, Canada. In the past two years, we have assisted our clients to acquire global users and increase brand awareness:

    1. Specialized in North American market.:

    · Over 10 years marketing experience in North America market

    · Working with Facebook, Google, various DSP and affiliates

    · Having assisted over 30 companies to acquire mobile user increase and expand their business

    2. Customized service:

    · Customized business plans that are suitable to your goals

    · Audience profiles dug out by our cutting-edge technology

    · Targeting your audiences accurately and delivering your campaign at the right time

    3. Cost-effective and risk-free:

    · Stronger marketing campaign performance with less spending.

    · Better customer stickiness and competitiveness than your competitors.

    · CPI price model, and we take the risk for you.

    For more information, you can visit:

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