Body Adventure with Captain Brainy-Pants!

🏆 Winner of the 2011 National STEM Video Game Challenge Best Teacher-Developed Game Award! 🏆

🎓 6 Games in 1 dev…
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🏆 Winner of the 2011 National STEM Video Game Challenge Best Teacher-Developed Game Award! 🏆

🎓 6 Games in 1 developed by a certified science teacher with over a decade of teaching experience! 🎓

👫 Kid Approved! Beta-tested over the last year and a half by the Developer’s own children and their friends and neighbors! 👫

Are you ready to be shrunk down using the latest Nano-Bot technology and taken on a journey through the human body? On your way you’ll race red blood cell Go-Karts through the heart, destroy viruses and bacteria, solve puzzles in the brain, stack bones into towers, destroy junk-food, and digest food in the guts! As you go you’ll earn virtual stickers that you can arrange and rearrange on your virtual sticker page!

Each game also has its own rockin’ soundtrack! Kids love tunes like – “Red(neck) Blood Cells”, “It Takes Guts!”, “Bone Thugz”, and more! They’ll be singing along to funny yet scientifically accurate songs before you know it!

The fun and learning don’t have to end when the iPad has been turned off. Teachers and Parents can download free printable activities that go with the games from our website. The activities allow the learning to go even further! An entire album’s worth of songs can also be found on the website. The songs can be used to teach kids about the systems of the human body and how to be healthy!


1) Developed by a certified science teacher and parent
2) Award winning learning games!
3) 6 Games in 1
👍 Blood Kart Racing – learn about the cardiovascular system by racing red blood cells!
👍 Immune Defense – learn about the immune system by destroying germs!
👍 Bone Builder – learn about the skeletal and muscular systems by stacking bones!
👍 It Takes Guts – learn about the digestive system by breaking down food and soaking up nutrients!
👍 Junk Food Destroyer – learn about healthy nutrition by destroying junk food and saving the healthy food groups!
👍 Brain Maze – learn about the nervous system by solving nerve cell puzzles!
4)Supporting materials including printable activity sheets and human body songs can be found for FREE at!
5)Kid Tested, Teacher and Parent Approved!

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