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Discussion in 'Public Game Developers Forum' started by ericmetois, Jul 18, 2009.

  1. ericmetois

    ericmetois Member

    Jul 6, 2009
    I haven't found a discussion on this subject but, being relatively new to this forum, I might have missed it.

    It is hard to believe that I might be the only developer struggling with the question of who to hand promocodes to. On the one hand the most important thing to me is to get the word out about my application but on the other hand 50 promocodes per version is not a lot of ammo at a time when reviewers are overwhelmed by the number of new apps that are released each day.

    Reviewers will admit there is very little chance they'll get to review your app but at the same time they will also categorically ignore a request that doesn't already have a promocode in it. Many other people will request a promocode via e-mail, often promising some form of review or feedback in return, but a very small l percentage of them seem to actually deliver. I find this a bit annoying because while a code might represent a couple of bucks in saving for the recipient, its effective value is much higher from the perspective of the developer who's trying to make best out of his limited set of 50 codes.

    So here are a couple of open questions about promocode etiquette as I would be interested to learn about other developers' perspective on that subject:

    1 - What do you think is the proper way for a developer to decide who is worthy of an almighty promocode?

    2 - What constitutes a proper promocode request from a user?

    3 - What ratio of promocodes do you feel you have wasted?
  2. Kamazar

    Kamazar Well-Known Member

    Dec 13, 2008
    1) Someone with a decent number of posts that hangs out in the forums at least semi-regularly and can spell.

    2) Something that shows sincere interest in something more than just getting a free game. e.g I really like the graphics, and the gameplay reminds of (insert game name here). I'd like to try it out in return for a review on iTunes. Not: dude kool code plz XD

    3) At least 1:5, probably higher. It'll always be like that.
  3. Fleabag323

    Fleabag323 Well-Known Member

    Dec 19, 2008
    1) Someone who has a reputation on forums, and has always delivers reviews. (For example, I email developers to review their games on my website, and I always, even if I hate the game, write the review.)
    2) A proper request is one using good grammar, and that promises a review of some sort.
    3) I wouldn't know, I'm not a developer, but a lot of codes are grabbed by lurkers when posted in threads, and the people don't actually review the games.
  4. markx2

    markx2 Well-Known Member

    Dec 28, 2008
    "but a lot of codes are grabbed by lurkers when posted in threads, and the people don't actually review the games."

    And neither do many many registered users.

    So long as you realise that the vast majority of codes you give out here will result in very few store reviews, that you might possibly get some useful feedback but that otherwise it's just noise then hand them out.

    Me? I'd take a few hours, read the reviews on the User Reviews section, read threads about released games and then PM codes to those few people. But when you announce the game and have people saying they want a code to 'review' the game? They just want Yet Another Free Game - ignore them.
  5. Rocketman919

    Rocketman919 Well-Known Member

    Aug 8, 2008
    Here's an idea. Don't post "OMG PROMO CODEZ HEER!" in the title of your thread. Create a thread about the game, and people that ask you decent questions and seem genuinely interested in the game are deserving of a code. Send them a PM and ask them if they would like one.
  6. ericmetois

    ericmetois Member

    Jul 6, 2009
    Thanks for the feedback,

    So far I've distributed 20 codes or so, 10 of which must be in reviewer's backlogs because they don't appear to have been redeemed yet. Out of the 10 that where redeemed I got a single review on iTunes and a one third-party review. 5 of those where put up for grabs on this forum and they were gone in less than 3 minutes. This was the first time I tried something like that and, given the outcome, it will also probably be the last.

    I just wanted to gauge whether my experience was typical and judging from some of your feedback I believe it probably was. Just so that you know and probably thanks to the almighty cut-and-paste, proper grammar and a promise to review your app doesn't really cut it either.

    I think that from now on I will only consider requests that already make a clear and educated reference to the specifics of my applications. It's sad that we should be so paranoid about something that saves a reviewer a coupe of bucks but maybe if we all did the same thing many of these promo code scavengers would go extinct. After all the last thing they want to do is work... If they really want your application for free they can always Jailbreak their phone and download your cracked API from some server in Russia (At least they'll save you a promo code).

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