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Blue Onion Soft, Inc.
"Over 1.1M of downloads for Jewel Craft , 1.1M people addicted to Jewel Craft can't be wrong!" ________________________…
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"Over 1.1M of downloads for Jewel Craft , 1.1M people addicted to Jewel Craft can't be wrong!" _______________________________ ★ Jewel Craft HD on TOP PAID #1 board in Hong Kong ★ Jewel Craft HD Lite on TOP FREE #1 puzzle in US, Canada, Australia, Japan, UK, France and 20+ more countries!!! _______________________________ Wow! Over thousand ★★★★★ reviews throughout the world!! ▶ Hard to put dwn -- Qew43 ▶ awesome, simply awesome! -- whowantschips? ▶ Totally hooked anytime anywhere! -- SLR54 ▶ I am going to marry this game, we are engaged. -- Jarfly Swap beautiful jewels and break them for new jewels! This amazing match-3 game is ready to give you tremendous experience of speed and tension. Take this spacecraft and challenge the highest score ever! JEWEL VS. JEWEL ⚡ NOW.. BATTLE MODE !! Finally, Battle Mode came out with new update 2.0. Now it's a battle with other players in Game Center. Win more, and get achievements and pride! ☄ The ONLY puzzle with MULTIPLAYER (battle) MODE! ☄ Enjoy with all your buddies and Game Center friends! ☄ Thrilling match of TWO players in ONE screen. ☄ You can see the opponent's LIVE play and score. SPEED, SPEED, SPEED Speed up swapping jewels. Accelerometer is checking your speed. Don't stop to wait new jewels taking places. CRAZY MODE Switch ANY 2 adjacent jewels. Jewels will not be rolled back in any case, and you can make any items on purpose. Moreover, there's no reallocation between levels. ✔ Check YouTube Video: How crazy can you be? PUZZLE Break all the jewels on board. It's not so easy. You'll need an active brain. ✔ Need a tip for Puzzle 31 and 32? A TRICK is needed only possible in Jewel Craft!! Check our YouTube video: CAUTION! Video can be a spoiler to who want to solve it by oneself. GAME CENTER ENABLED Leader Board: Submit your High Score to Game Center, and check your Ranking!! Achievement: Play more and Earn Medals, Trophies and Crowns. Check how far from these in the Game Center! And try to get 6 HIDDEN achievements! AND MORE.. Awesome graphics and sounds for all iOS! _______________ Like US Follow US @blueonionsoft Watch US
Seller:Blue Onion Soft, Inc.
Genre:Board, Puzzle
Release:Sep 13, 2010
Updated:Nov 07, 2011
Size:17.7 MB
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