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  1. Headsoft

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    Mar 10, 2011
    Windoze Solitaire by Headsoft is the greatest collection of Solitaire games for iOS you will ever play.

    Solitaire for Windows users have been spoilt over the years with three of the greatest and most popular Solitaire games of all time; Klondike, Spider and Freecell. Now, we bring these games to iOS for free, keeping the original feel but bringing a fresh new modern look and simple intuitive control system.

    We create a truly unique experience with our bold and easy to read cards, amazing animation, relaxing audio, and support for all rotations. We even have an amazing 3D mode that makes it feel more like you're playing real Solitaire.

    Cards can be moved using a double tap or by dragging them to their destination. Included are all the classic modes of Klondike, Spider and Freecell for free, along with an extra 80 unlockable games. There is also a fun Versus mode so you can challenge your friends.

    Windoze Solitaire is totally customizable allowing you to take photos for your own cards or backgrounds as well as including a great selection of decks, tables, and backgrounds to choose from.

    Windoze Solitaire by Headsoft is the greatest Solitaire experience you will ever have. We believe we have made the ultimate Solitaire game, which is why we say: Solitaire just got pwned!

    Available games:
    Accordion, Agnes Bernauer, Agnes Double, Agnes Sorel, Alaska, Australian Patience, Baker's Dozen, Baker's Freecell, Batsford, Beleaguered Castle, Black Hole, Black Widow, Brisbane, Buffalo Bill, Canfield, Canister, Cheop's Pyramid, Chessboard, Clock, Curds & Whey, Demons & Thieves, Double Freecell, Double Klondike, Double Russian, Double Scorpion, Double Yukon, Duke, Dutchess, Easthaven, Eight Off, Fan, Flower Garden, Fortress, Forty Thieves, Four Colours, Four Seasons, Fred's Spider, Freecell, Gargantuan, Gold Rush, Golf, Good Measure, Grounds For Divorce, House On The Hill, Indian, Klondike, La Belle Lucie, Lucas, Maria, Martha, Miss Milligan, Montana, Napoleon in St. Helena, Northwest Territory, Number 10, Old Mole, Pairs, Patience, Poker, Pokercell, Puzzle 15, Pyramid, Rainbow, Rainbow Piles, Rank & File, Repair, Russian Yukon, Scorpion, Sea Towers, Shamrock, Simple Simon, Spanish Castles, Spider, Spider Web, Spiderette, Spike, Stonewall, Storehouse, Streets, Tarantula, Trefoil, Tri-Peaks, Triple Pyramid, Two Cells, Ukranian Yukon, Vineyard, Yukon, Zerline.

    ♠ The greatest Solitaire classics for free: Klondike, Spider and Freecell
    ♠ 80+ games available as in app purchases
    ♠ Amazing 3D mode that uses the accelerometer to feel like you're playing for real!
    ♠ Advanced auto zooming as well as manual pan and zoom gesture support
    ♠ Draw 1 to 3 cards in Klondike
    ♠ Clear, bold and easy to read cards
    ♠ Portrait or landscape rotation support or lock it in your favourite orientation
    ♠ Elegant and easy to follow user interface
    ♠ Double tap, drag and drop, and tap to place support
    ♠ Onscreen battery indicator
    ♠ Standard or Vegas scoring modes for Klondike
    ♠ 5 save slots and saved game playback
    ♠ Resume from a previous game
    ♠ Leaderboards for every game
    ♠ Over 50 fun and challenging achievements available to collect
    ♠ Tutorial mode so you can watch a game being played and interact in realtime. Easy to learn!
    ♠ Versus mode so you can challenge your friends
    ♠ Left hand and right hand support
    ♠ Easter Eggs... leave the title screen for 5 minutes ;)
    ♠ Custom backgrounds and cards. Take a photo while ingame to truly customize your experience
    ♠ Game timer, moves, and statistics galore
    ♠ Unlimited undo
    ♠ Universal app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

    Windoze Solitaire by Headsoft is how Solitaire is meant to be played. It's free and we are very happy to pesent it to you. If you have any questions, queries or problems please don't hessitate to contact our support address on our website @

    Promo Codes:

  2. omerkarakaya

    omerkarakaya Well-Known Member

    Mar 24, 2011
    Windoze Solitaire is already free.
  3. Headsoft

    Headsoft Active Member

    Mar 10, 2011
    For now it is. That might change in the future.
  4. Bassman97

    Bassman97 Well-Known Member

    Jun 29, 2012
    You dont need to know
    I never get the promo codes because every one else gets them, if your nice enough can you please send me code.
  5. mk4

    mk4 Member

    May 2, 2012
    since the base game is currently free, what do the promo codes do?
  6. Eoghann

    Eoghann Well-Known Member

    May 29, 2012
    IT Guy/Graphic Designer/Gamer
    New York
    It's a little early for promo codes I think. xD And there is no point in holding on to promo codes 'for when the game goes paid' coz someone will have used them by then. :p

    As far as I can tell, the promo codes just let you download the app, despite it being already free. It doesn't unlock anything new.

    Unless there is a super secret agenda to take over the world with the devices that input the codes, I think the promo codes are just a little ahead of time. :)
  7. Headsoft

    Headsoft Active Member

    Mar 10, 2011
    It's a shame they don't seem to unlock any IAP and I don't know of any way to give out codes that can do that. Well we have been considering putting in an ad banner or making it 99c but it will likely be after an update so we should get more promo codes then. Sorry about any confusion caused.

    For now enjoy it while it's free.

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