PROMO Codes for Soccer Stealers HD League 2010 / 2011 Contest = D

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    Sep 16, 2010
    Gamegou has teamed up with iPhoneter to bring you the very first
    Soccer Stealers HD League 2010/2011 Contest
    Just send along photo(s) which demonstrate your involvement with football to iphone.awards @ 5 promo codes are available for savvy football enthusiasts with a creative flare! And remember to be oRigin4l. Goodluck!!!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Game description:
    The excitement during a soccer match is just too much to handle from the sidelines, so why not jump onto the field to join in on the fun? But watch out for the other players! They want their ball back and are all chasing after you. With the unlikely help from a few frosting bottles of beer, special soccer cleats, and oh-so slippery watermelon wedges, you swiftly dodge, weave, trip, and knock over your angry opponents, prolonging your fun and upping your score!
    Spotlights on! How long will you survive?
    Twitter: gamegou

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