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    Aug 10, 2012
    Why wait, when you can do it now?
    Never forget to send out a message again with Schedaroo!

    Regardless of the purpose of using social and digital media platforms, we want people to see the messages we send. These platforms are not restricted to time zones and the task of maintaining several platforms consecutively can be taxing.

    With Schedaroo, all it takes is 3 simple steps and your Facebook, Twitter or email messages can be scheduled to be sent automatically in the future!

    Step 1: Type your desired message
    Step 2: Choose which platform you want the message to be sent to
    Step 3: Choose the date and time you want to send the message and hit the post button!

    When the message has been sent, a notification will be received to confirm its status.

    Who says you can’t travel to the future? Do so now with Schedaroo!
    * Posting a message on Facebook for the future
    * Posting a tweet on Twitter for the future
    * Sending out an email for the future
    * Future updates will include platforms such as Google+, LinkedIn and FourSquare

    Please PM for promo codes! Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

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