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    Magic Music 2
    Magic Music, basing on historically long and gorgeous Chinese culture, provides you fantastic music experience.

    The former version of Magic Music, won a good reputation in the American app store, and ranked top 100 in the markets of Chinese mainland and Taiwan.

    “Lovely music from China. Makes you want to learn how to play them.”
    “Nice music, spiritual evolution”
    “Interesting game for music fans.”

    * Performing a sword-dance over ancient drum is an exclusive tradition of China. Ancient drum, a traditional musical instrument in Chinese drama, is the embodiment of strength, especially when it is played in fights or tournaments for encouraging fighters or athletes.
    * An old saying in China goes that “gongs are born for festivals and feasts.” Gongs indeed are used in Beijing Opera and festivals for joy.
    * Qing, a Chinese royal musical instrument in ancient times and, was played when emperor sacrificing to the God. It was for soft music.
    * Guqin, seven-stringed plucked instrument in some ways similar to the zither, was one of ordinary Chinese musical instruments that usually played by hermits, the most renowned of which were Bo Ya and Zhong Zhiqi with their story about music and friendship.
    * Introduced to the Han people by the ethnic groups in the north f China, lute, as a traditional East Asian plucked musical instrument, boasts a long history of 2,000 years and a sentimental music effect.
    * Zither was played by royal musicians, and now anyone could have a try. It is famous for rhythm sensations that it bring about to listeners. What’s more, there are many ways to play it.

    What is new compared to the former version:

    More fantastic musical experience: new instruments and new music

    Beautiful graphing with different styles of music; not only a game but a vision and listening feast

    Add OpenFeint scoring system by which you can keep abreast of your scores and improvement

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