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    We have been working hard in the recent months to release our brand new call blocker app. Currently we have around 300,000 US unwanted numbers on our blocking list! With the latest release we have also integrate iOS 12 reporting mechanism (for calls and SMS) so it's easier than ever to report any unwanted communication directly from Messages app or Phone app.


    Download link: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1436433275

    Promo codes below.
    - Please comment which one you used so we could update post for everyone
    - Please use only one for yourself

    1 - PE6YF63AWJXN
    2 - YY7W4TN4KEKY
    3 - 3FHH7WMFTFKY
    4 - 9RFYJ9E7N393
    5 - AM4LLP4ATRNF
    6 - YTW9WL767A7L
    9 - 3NTH77FWY3HF

    We would post more here when all those would be taken.

    Why you build it? There's already so many call blocker apps.

    While there are many call blockers apps on the App Store (some of which are great) we believe there is a place for a better solution, here is why:

    1. Some of those apps doesn't work so well: crashing, doesn't load all numbers etc. Technically we believed this could be done better.

    2. Privacy: Some of those apps upload user contact list to servers in order to create caller id identification also some ask for the user phone number and other private data. We believe this is unnecessary to create a great call blocker. For example, we are whitelisting all contacts on device and never send this data outside your device anywhere.

    3. Some of the most successful call blocking apps are sometimes provided by carriers which we believe not always want to take the best action against robocalls.

    4. Global solution: We haven't found any app which works outside the US and Canada.

    5. The pricing of the service is pretty absurd. We believe that at least some of the solution could come free, also we believe that we could cut at least half the price of what is offered today.
    I'm using another call blocker app, Could I still use your app?

    On iOS you could use multiple apps as your call blocker, This would give you the option to select which one is better for you (when a call is blocked you would see the name of the app that blocked the call), for the other mechanisms (reporting), we haven't found any app that have integrated iOS 12 features already (and only a single app allowed) so there shouldn't be any issues.

    How much does it cost?

    Basic features that could help you estimate the app value are free, up to date blocking list requires subscription (7 days free trial is offered):

    1. Number lookup - You can check if any number is on our blocking list, if it is you would probably won't have calls from this number.

    2. Number reporting - You could report any number (not just US ones) so we would know to check it and add this number to our list after validation. You can report from the app itself or by enabling SMS/Call reporting from Settings > Phone > SMS/Call Reporting. Reporting for "Block" would block this number on your device immediately.

    3. SMS Filtering (optional) - You can use the app to block unwanted SMS by content, This would do some check on device but may send the SMS content to our server for analysing (only in the case that the number is not in your contact list and there was no clear indication with on-device processing). This feature is optional.

    4. Download our up-to-date blocking list - This feature requires subscription, currently we offer 7 days free trial so you could try the app and decide whether it works for you. After those 7 days this access starts with $0.99 per month (depend on local currency), which we believe is the minimum we could offer for that kind of service (we have no ads and would never sell user data).
    Does it have ads?

    No, no ads anywhere.

    Available everywhere?

    Yes, It's an international app. Note to that we are currently support mostly English and most of the spam numbers are from the US, we hope that would grow with app adoption.

    What do you plan next for the app?

    We have lots of plans for this app and we won't stop till we stop those robocalls for all our users. We are open for features suggestions, so if there is anything you find missing please let us know.

    I want to be a beta tester and help you guys

    Please sign up here: https://goo.gl/forms/fn2L3oREhzTWm4x12

    Thank you all!
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    New promo codes:


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