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    Aug 13, 2019

    Hi. Im Asteroid-J.
    I hope you understand and read that I'm not good at English.

    I made a game based on the problem of sea waste.
    The cat is fishing, but the cat gets only sea waste.

    Because a cat needs to clean the sea.
    The cat wants to meet a whale.
    As a result, the cat is becoming a hero to protect the sea.
    So The title is made of Aqua Cat like the Aqua-Man.

    It makes coins by recycling waste in the game.
    You can upgrade to stat and get rid of the waste quickly.
    If you do it well, you can bring a lot of fish to the sea.

    The game was made in the clicker style(like tap titan).
    it is trying to express the cleaning.
    the game will be easy and fun.

    A portion of this game's revenue is donated to solving the problem of sea waste.
    Unfortunately, I didn't earn much( $ 200 so far)
    The money is being donated to the WWF(World Wildlife Fund).

    But I'm happy that this game is bringing people to the sea waste problem.
    Currently, 3000 people are playing the game.
    I'm very grateful for just recognizing and playing this game.
    I want to let this game know more people, many countries around the world, especially big countries like America.
    If you play games and this is fun, please introduce them to your friends.

    I will continue to update the game.
    I think it'll help a little bit about sea waste.

    Thank you for reading this long article.

    Download link:

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