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    Hi all,
    We just released our new strategy game, BattleRex: Genghis Khan on the App Store.

    Link to Free version below:


    Game youtube video:

    We are having a promo code giveaway contest where 3 people will win and get a code posted to their email.
    The competition ends on Sunday 16th at midnight GMT, 14 hours left. Winners get their code on monday morning GMT.

    To win you have to answer the following question:

    What unit was the most important to the Mongolian armies?
    A) Pikemen with very small pikes
    B) Horse Archers
    C) Airplane bombers
    D) Burning pigs

    Send your correct answer to the following email:

    Rexopax Software
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    We now have 3 winners who answered the question correctly. They were randomly selected. The promo codes have been emailed to you. Thanks for participating.

    If you have any problems with the code just email us at:

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