[PROMO CODE] Color Ranger - a game combining pinball, pool and brick breaker

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    After the success of Arrow C, which has been shortlisted for BEST ARCADE GAME, BEST CASUAL GAME and BEST SOCIAL GAME in TIGA Award 2014, IF Interactive is going to release another game "Color Ranger"!

    Color Ranger has similar gameplay with Arrow C but requires different techniques, and much more random elements are added to make the game more fun!



    Here are some details for the game:
    Release date: coming in Nov 2014
    Price: FREE

    Here are some Promo Codes for Trial version:


    ***Another 10 codes are available!!***

    ***Another 10 codes are available!!***

    The trial version may not be exactly the same as the final version because we had made some small improvements. Also, there will be 60 levels in the final version.

    Please reply to this thread if you redeem the above code and feel free to reply if all the codes has been used, I will add more.

    Feedbacks are welcomed! We want to make a game that people love!

    Thank you everyone.
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    Redeemed this one 7X6MP37K9LXH, thanks
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    Oct 14, 2014
    Hello, I used 6PFY9TP7WHEH.
    On a side note, JTYF74N7JLFX was already used.
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    N4R3N6YWF9KP taken...

    thanks a lot!
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    None. But I dream about being able to work again.
    Thanks for posting them!
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    Oct 9, 2014
    Redeemed promo code 7RHLYLLWY6W4

    Thank you for sharing :)

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    643L4LEM6KHF thank you
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    At first I was going to state that I really loved this game. The 1st 4 tutorial type levels were simple but enjoyable. Generally, I do like the game and see that it is unique. That's a big plus.

    I play level 5 and whoa..... what an expensive game to play!

    It's not impossible to pass the level (5) but almost. For example: I counted 4 times that I had to hit the balls before only 1 would show up in the color i needed to hit. You get 40 moves, and 30 of those have to be correct.

    Some of the block colors change as you play. I found several times that all the blocks were the same wrong color at once so you have to hit them several times to get the right color which changes almost only one at a time, making it almost difficult to pass the level without spending the diamonds.

    I don't know if it got better because I am not going to pay for diamonds or consumable iap's for 5 moves over and over at only level 5 while still deciding on if I like the game.

    Don't get me wrong, I do believe in the dev getting paid for their work, but when what you pay for gets used up so quickly,......oh, i don't have the words for it.

    You do regenerate ONE life every 15 minutes.

    Price structure:

    You can pay 8 diamonds (for 5 moves) to continue your game level.
    You purchase the diamonds by iap:
    10 diamonds for .99ยข
    60 diamonds for $4.99
    Or; alternatively at the end of the level, you have the option to 'give up,'but pay a heart (1) to play again.
    I passed with 3 stars all the tut levels. Did not earn a diamond or heart

    So, as a casual gamer, I can estimate that it would have cost me approximately $3.00 to continue level 5 and then i can assume it would get more expensive as levels get harder, like in most games. So, I can see aproximately $5.00 per level. Because of a disability, my coordination is sometimes off so it would take me a while to get good enough at the game to not have to pay so much. And for kids? Impossible.

    The game itself, is fun and unique. But, I do believe you will lose a lot of customers/players with the current price structure. And hopefully, you weren't intending on making it a paid game and then making players who paid for the have to keep paying. That would be criminal. For a free game, it is fine for those that are willing to keep paying and keep paying......

    I would love to see a PAID version to knock out those nasty consumables. I would be willing to pay for the game. It is fun.
    Thank you
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    Thank you for your detailed feedback!!
    I would like to response to some of your points to make our game better

    Yes this problem had been raised by some internal testers. Even though completely random (for generating what color for a new block) would be fair, but it is depressing players when they find no specific color that he/she needs. You will see this fixed in final version!

    It would be helpful if you can explain more about "Some of the block colors change as you play". In our current desgin, an existing block would never change its color throughout the gameplay. When do you find a color block change its color? As far as I know only the ball would change color.

    Actually the levels in the final version will be hugely different as the trial version. The final version will have more smoother difficulty growth in order to make it more suitable for more casual players. We only want to know how many people can handle all the 20 levels in trial version. We are DEFINITELY NOT making a pay-to-win game.

    For our internal testers, most of them can finish a level within 10 tries, even for hard levels. Of course we would like to know if it is still a truth for public players that's the purpose of trial version. We expect people would only pay when they want to save their time, for example he/she is close to winning, he/she only need 1-2 more moves to complete the level, then he/she can choose to pay. But we don't expect players needs to pay for EVERY level.

    We would love to hear more feedbacks when you try several more times and tell us if the game difficulty is too high to let you think you need to pay that much for our game. Thank you!
  10. Lavender

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    Dec 31, 2013
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    Thank you for taking everything I wrote as intended; constructive criticism.
    I Kept playing so I could give you more feedback.I
    I apreciate that the issue of not enough colors to play the game sometimes. This was also one of the reasons I was stating such difficulty.
    I did end up passing level 5. It took approximately 18 times. Which was quite frustrating. Level 6 was much easier, taking 2 or 3 tries. I played on until around level 11? It was quite frustrating with the hearts, etc. The levels now are not an even growth of difficulty so I apreciate that you stated it will be. Level 5- difficult. 6 - easy.then difficult again, etc....

    I think it's possible that I had it wrong about the blocks changing color. I aoogise for that. What I meant was the blocks that pop up being different colors then what you need and then there be an extended pattern of the color you need not showwing up at all, which you described in your response as well.

    I am going to delete and re-install the game, so I can give you more detailed feedback, including finding out how long it'll take for me to pass those 20 levels, and pay more attention to each specific level as well.

    I really do like the game. I would hope that you would make a paid version as well so people like me that don't like consumable iap's could support you as well. I am constantly paying different ammounts for apps and games for my foster kids, cause no-one else will, so i just don't want to keep paying more on the apps i install, purchased or free, for me. I hope that made sense!

    I apreciate very much your involvement with and to your potential customers and feedback.
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    Thank you for your feedback again.

    Before you give the more detailed feedback, I would like to have a quick responce to some of your concerns.

    I guess you will see this often in Color Ranger. Our level designer has a series of parameters to define the "difficulty" of a level. For example the number of moves, the number and position of obstacles, the number of colors appearing on the field, etc.

    However when you actually play the game, the power of "luck" comes. Sometimes when you feel that a level is far more easier than others may happen when you are lucky, sometimes when you feel that a level is far more difficult may happen when you are unlucky.

    Here is a common and obvious example: when you have 3 combos now, the result of "hit another same color block and get the power ball" and "miss it and lose all the combos" have HUGE difference. We think this is also a reason why it can keep players trying a level repeatly because they failed previously may be they just have "no luck". They wish they have better luck next time so they would like to try again.

    Of course when you play the final version you will find it much easier mainly because of the fixed issue of "no target color" mentioned in your previous post. And also if you can finish all 20 levels in trial version, I believe you can finish the first 50 levels in final version easily:) (with some luck of course:p)

    We are really glad to hear you like the game. For the price, we may further consider this again. The current thought for us is the game would be too casual when it comes to premium. Also, we understand your concern so we have added some rewards in final version.

    The first one is life. We provide video ads for player, if they watch a video ad, they can get a life for FREE!!

    The second one is diamond. We added some simple quests like sharing on facebook, the player will get some FREE diamonds!!

    I hope these can make you feel more comfortable and enjoy our game!! Thank you!!

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