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    If you like our app and willing to post a review, send an email to for promo code please.

    ❤ 300+ sex positions ❤
    ❤ Positions described in detail ❤
    ❤ Funny random feature ❤
    ❤ Life like & Colorful characters ❤

    You can enjoy your sweet time with your honey here. Hope the positions could bring you happiness.

    Fantastic and wonderful emotions will come with variety of sex positions.
    There are more than 300 positions included in several categories in our app.

    ★ Initial Feature ★
    •Variety of positions with life like characters.
    •Funny turntable, inviting skirt! So you can get a random position by rotating it or clicking the “Quick” button.
    •All positions are sorted by categories shown in colorful skirts, so you can enjoy the groups you want.
    •You can mark the checked positions from the unchecked positions, so you can choose what you haven’t enjoyed every time.
    •You can add the positions to your Favorite List if you like them.
    •The description of positions helps you not only to understand the detail of the position but also to decide whether to have a try by the Recommend.

    Remember to rate it.
    Enjoy the App and your sex!

    BE CAREFULL: This app is designed for iPhone & iPod touch, it may be irregular displayed on iPad.

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