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    Hello All,

    We are a small indie dev team based in Vitoria Gasteiz(F2PCampus). We wanted to share our dev log of our upcoming match 3 game 'Project Match Princess'. Project Match Princess is an interesting combination of life simulation genre and match 3 puzzle genre. Please feel free to tell us what you think. Thanks in advance!

    MAY23, 2018 Key Character Concept Shot LOG

    The Player is in charge of a Fairy orphan, Lara(daughter) after randomly running into her on a tree. The goal of the game is to clear ‘Match-3 Switcher’ levels and earn task points. With task points, the player can choose to give quests and tasks like sending her to the book store or to the ballet school. The player’s task is to help her reach adulthood. Once the player clears a few levels, Lara ages and her clothes and personality changes. After several sets of clothing her popularity will rise or fall. After a number of seasons, the player eventually gets to see an ending which ranges from “humble" jobs as a soldier, “dark side” jobs as prostitute to “prestigious" jobs as Princess. Numerous factors decide whether or not the daughter is successful at her job, whom she marries and whether she has children of her own. After seeing and ending, the player can always re-start the game to see a different ending.

    The biggest core fun factor of this game combines “Watching your daughter grow(ending)” with “daily match-3 Puzzle”. We want to expand on easy to start with but hard master concept. Some endings will be designed so that it is harder to see which will require good puzzle skills and luck.

    Map Scene/Background

    Room of Princess Sketch
    Main Character Concept Sketch
    Ending Illustration Sketch(When girl becomes an adult)


    QUESTIONS to everyone .at.Touch Arcade
    Do you think it's okay to have same sex marriage as one the endings in the game? We are getting many opinions that it's not appropriate for a game.
    Please let us know what you think! Your feedback counts!


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