Project Hyrax: Beyond Time [iOS]

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    Explore the ancient world as an interactive fiction in mobile phones now! Full-fledged novel coming very soon!
    *Internet connection not required and no ads.
    A time capsule was accidentally activated. Dr. Alex and his team members were tossed into the past, and no one has heard from them ever since. What could have happened to them in an era of at least 50 000 BC? Now, Robin is determined to travel back in time to find his father. Will Robin make it? What will he find in that ancient world? Will everything go as planned? There is only one person who could help him. YOU.

    Welcome to Project Hyrax: Beyond Time, a gripping interactive fiction that keeps you in suspense from beginning till the end. You will read Robin’s messages and make decisions from the simplest to the life-threatening actions. From mysterious occurrences to exploring the ancient Earth, Robin will communicate with you throughout his extraordinary journey.

    A thrilling game in which the story plays out in real time. Robin will travel, rest, and dive into actions based on your choices. You can keep up with Robin or come back and play later. The story proceeds as you do.
    Once you have completed one of the paths in the game, you can go back and choose another option, and witness the changes.

    Project Hyrax: Beyond Time is an immersive, engaging story of time-traveling, survival, adventure and mysteries, that contains different paths with many outcomes.

    Robin is waiting now, for YOUR command. Are you willing to help him?

    Praise for Project Hyrax:

    "Kept me hooked and waiting to know what happens next"

    "Can't believe I was so concerned for a character in a mobile game! "

    "Too eager to know the ending, yet I go back again to try different paths "

    "I wish I could see the world that Robin was in, it's both thrilling and scary"

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    The gameplay was inspired by the Lifeline game.

    A full-fledged novel is coming very soon! It was written based on this game by a well-known writer. Download the game for free and give it a try.

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