Professional music and sound for your iPhone games.

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    Greetings fellow developers,

    My name is Mattias Holmgren, composer and sound designer with the company Morningdew Media. I've produced music for all kinds of projects with clients like BRIO AB, Fishermans friend, and lately alot of iPhone games.
    Please check out Charmed, Flight Deck and Lawnmower Kids.

    My music style stretches from classical orchestral compositions (with modern elements and percussion) to acoustic, pop...and more electronic, dub, experimental stuff. All produced with the latest hardware, software and instruments to achieve a "hollywood quality" result.

    Be sure to check out the upcoming game, Unicorn Rush, in development by Mind Juice!

    And the game LUMINATI in development.

    You can find tons of demos at my web page:
    And also my soundcloud page:

    Also have a listen at the Morningdew Media Soundcloud set.

    Oh, and Morningdew Media youtube channel if you want a more audio-visual demonstration.

    Have a listen and get back to me with your project details and thoughts regarding music and sound for YOUR next superhit game!!!


    /Mattias Holmgren - Audio Director

    @twitter: morningdewmedia

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