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    Jun 30, 2012
    Just now, my app, PrivatePics Lite was released. Get for free now.


    Do you have pictures that you do not want anyone else to see? Do you want to take photos that are to only to be seen through your eyes? Then, this is the most suitable app for you?

    The iPad version of PrivatePics will provide even more secure environment for your photos with added features. This is great way to protect your photos in the iPad

    This is an app that stores your private pictures in its own memory, separate from the device's image library. You can store photos from the image library in the app and delete from the library, then the photo is only available for your eyes. The access to the app is password protected so only you have the access to it. Therefore, when you are giving your device for somebody else to use, you do not have to worry about the person going through your private stuff.


    *Own storage space.
    *Password protected access.
    *Control of what is stored in library.
    *Easy to use UI.
    *Ability to import photos from the library for storage.
    *Ability to store photos in Albums.
    *Tablet Oriented UI
    *New Photo viewer
    *Fullscreen photo Viewer and split view photo viewer
    *Slide navigation
    *Slideshow Feature
    *New Theme
    *Recent albums displayed in the Recent window
    *Support for landscape orientation
    *log off when quit to the background
    *Enhanced logging screen




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