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  1. I used to do ls > list.txt in terminal but itunes is better since some .ipa names don't quite match up with their names believe it or not. Plus it puts them in intellegent alphabetical format. I need to do this every so often to be able to access my games via 3.0 firmware spotlight.

    Best way I've found is on Mac is
    1) open iTunes and select apps
    2) File | Print | Songs | Theme: Custom
    3) save that to PDF file | open saved PDF file
    4) copy & paste TextEdit remove page break text
    5) open Pages (remove header & footer, set margins to 0.25)
    6) set columns to 3 and paste, set landscape orientation.
    7) print duplex.

    Currently have 284 apps and no way to access them without a great memory which I don't have or lugging around this piece of paper. Here's my pdf of apps/games.
  2. Note if you have 180 apps or less then I think you'll be just fine typing first or first two letters into spotlight to find your apps or they'll even be accessible by swiping pages to find so ignore this method. With 11 pages x 16 + 4 dock = 180 apps.

    Ok screw previous method. Now at about 325 apps. There is no way to remember which apps I have on the go so a list is vital on ipod touch.

    Let me give you an example first why this is needed. Say I want to play Table Tennis Star (ping pong game). So let's say I don't quite remember what it's called.

    So in spotlight on OS 3.0 I search 'tab'.......crap it won't show up. The .ipa name is TTSTAR. So for special cases like that I can append TTSTAR to table tennis star and I'll remember to type TT. Another thing is mail can only be searched FROM, TO, and SUBJECT and not content. Notes, however, can be searched via content.

    So I can search tennis and it'd find the paticular note in the Notes app on my ipod touch and I'd pull it up and see the name is Table Tennis Star TTSTAR (TTSTAR being a note I added). I do wish it'd pull up at the location within the applications list note but alas it does not. Oh well.

    So basically to synch this to notes is
    Best way I've found is on Mac is
    1) open iTunes and select apps
    2) File | Print | Songs | Theme: Custom
    3) save that to PDF file | open saved PDF file
    4) open in REMINDERS section click NOTE
    5) copy text from PDF file to new NOTE
    6) when you synch ipod touch/iphone in iTunes maybe sure Sync Notes is checked under INFO tab.
    7) OS 3.0 iphone in Settings | General | Home | Search Results make sure Notes is selected so spotlight on iphone will search content within your notes.
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    Sounds very nice and well organized. But I find swiping through the 11 pages to be faster than searching in spotlight. And I pretty much know the location of my apps most of the time anyway.

    Plus I don't always have a specific app I'm looking for, just scroll through the pages and see what seems fun at the time.

    A while ago when I was jailbroken, I tried the folders method, took too long to load the folders and I never went through them so I didn't play games as much as the casual 'swiping through the pages'. Pretty much anything in folders were no longer used.

    I just wish organizing them was easier, I hate dragging the icons around. Horrible for mass reorganization.
  4. Yea I'd absolutely love to scroll through pages that'd be fine but my 11th page is M's I can't make it past the damn M's.

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    Anyone know how to do this on PC?
  6. Yea everything is same except instead of use Outlook to synch your notes. And when I say save your PDF just use like a free PDF thing like PDFCreator.
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    Hold on. What? Can you explain this step, please? I only see 'To Do' in the REMINDERS section. I have never understood this. MobileMe is supposedly syncing Notes, but where and what it is syncing with, I just don't know.
  8. Basically you can create notes within your IMAP email accounts but those aren't the ones it's synching. Well it might within mail but to get them to synch with the notes app on iphone you need to use local NOTES in

    Perhaps click Reminders then Note icon then create a note then click done. Should show up.

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