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    Sep 1, 2019
    Roll Down is a simple Racing Game where you control a small collection of classic sport balls and have to participate in different event types like Time Attack and Speed-trap. At the moment I am making the transition from the Demo to the Early Access Version!

    You can Download here!

    So what is the plan?

    Here is the Roadmap!

    Prototype One: was a proof of concept just to get an idea if this is even possible!

    Prototype Two: Re acting to the player feedback and checking if the performance is possible with the Graphic standard. Can be tested on at the moment!

    Demo: The Demo will be a completely vertical slice of the game and will give every one the chance to get there hand on some gameplay!
    It will feature three Balls and two game modes time attack and speed trap.

    At the moment I am making the last changes and fixes on the Demo!

    Early Access: Beyond the Demo there will be an Early Access version for a small price tag! You will get access to the latest builds and Multiplayer based on the Steam API!

    Release: If the development stays on track I am aiming for a release at the end of the Year! Release will be on Game Jolt, and Steam! Maybe also the Microsoft Store.

    Things to keep in mind: At the moment I am developing the game solo by side my full-time job so things may take longer as they should!

    Follow as to get the latest information!

    Whant to test the prototype and give me some Feedback!

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