Prehistoric Game for Tech Advanced Men! (Free Game)

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    May 26, 2015
    From the makers who brought you awesome games you love, Pictoword, Pocket Family and Island Escape, Comes one of the most challenging, tricky yet exciting tower-defense game you have ever seen in your entire life --- SAVE THE CAVE!


    Prepare your caveman instincts as you tactically build caves out of bushes, summon packs of blood-thirsty cavemen and beat the crap out of wild-animals in order to protect your food from being eaten! You will surely enjoy SAVE THE CAVE! From the adorable prehistoric game design to the lethal abilities of your Caveman Leader, this is truly a game for everyone.

    Plan your defensive strategy! Combat wild animals with the tactics and skills of a 21st century gamer.

    Kooapps have made and designed these levels to be more exhilarating and enjoyable to play. The game also has badass cavemen, for the players to use and choose from.

    Experience the world of prehistoric fun! Download SAVE THE CAVE now for FREE on the Google Play Store!

    Google play store:

    Don’t just play like a caveman, you need to also think like a caveman.

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